Emily Kelly

Graphic Designer and Artist with a knack for conceptualizing and a love of typography, currently based in Boulder, Colorado. 

Working within art direction, visual identity, print and digital media. Say hi!




Currently open to freelance and/or long-term contracts   

2019 Lyric Book

PURSUIT is a typographic exploration into the British bred band, The 1975. For the lyric book, I used Apple Garamond to compliment the grounding nature of the band, and focused on the relationship between the feeling and texture their lyrics/instrumentals evoke. 

The lyric book features three typographic lyric translations per each respective studio album — The 1975 (2013), ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI (2016), ABIIOR (2018).

iPhone Notes
2020 Merch Design

The iPhone Notes tee’s were inspired by the randomness of my notes app findings and their uncanny ties with the 2020 vibe. 

Writing is of my own, art direction and photography was created in collaboration with Jenna Solomon.

Gallery 33
2020 Identity, Microsite

Gallery 33 is a digital archive documenting the experiences of interacting with Angel Numbers, specifically the number 3. 

Photo documentation and copywriting is of my own, branding and design of microsite + merch was created in collaboration with Jenna Solomon

2019 Artist Book

Tangigram is a spin on the social media platform, Instagram. As someone who loves to share, but is also a bit of a sporadic user, I found myself wondering what it would be like to delete the app for a month to see what I could come up with. 

With no particular focus other than this starting point, I kept a folder with images I would've shared as a post or story, as well as any thoughts I had in regards to what I was doing. 

While away, I thought a lot more about what and why I wanted to share, and ones relationship with the platform as a whole.

Lyric Sheets
2019 - Present

I’ve always visualized and wondered how each word or phrase of a song meshes, flows, and moves as a whole. This prompts me to look a little deeper into an artist’s lyrics, intent, and melodies to go about expressing them accordingly.

The Berlin Trilogy
2020 Album Art

The Berlin Trilogy re-issue consists of three consecutively released studio albums recorded after the late David Bowie took up residence in West Berlin circa 1976. 

Low (1976-77), “Heroes” (1977-78), and Lodger (1979), serve as a culmination of Bowie’s time before and after West Berlin; and captures just a bit of Bowie’s process of deconstruction/reconstruction of who he was, who he wasn’t, and who he was becoming during this time.

Fluid Nonsense
2019 Artist Book

Fluid: a person, thing or situation that moves or changes easily.

: nonsense is often caused by an excess of meaning, rather than a lack of it.

I did a bit of a deep dive into words I’ve written at peculiar hours of the night, and set out to explore some questions of mine. Once published, words and images in a newspaper are set. Their word for the day is permanent, though mine is ever-changing—rearranging. 

What is the conversation between tone and tone? Paper and fold? Type and image? Delicate and rigid? You and me... will you let them breathe?

Catbird NYC
2022 - Present Digital

I currently work with the in-house Catbird NYC design and marketing teams to ideate, design, and copywrite for email and social content.

Outside of the featured few, each month I create a handful of emails that involve curating products with styled images, designing for specific marketing efforts, and generating an overall flow for each email theme.

See more mailers here

2024 Print Design

I have this thing where the several calendars on my desktop and phone are not good enough and need a calendar within a single head turn of my workspace to triple check the date to day of the week :-) 

See more here

Xbox Backlog Confessions
2022 Title Design

Title card, gameplay call-outs, lower thirds, backlog list design and animation/creative direction for Xbox’s first series dip into lifestyle content—Backlog Confessions. Backlog Confessions is a video series discussing and exposing current gamer’s backlog’s. 

Collaborators from creative agency, Superdigital, include Art Director, Spencer Kupish and Associate Designer, Riley Lane.

Watch here