Emily Kelly

Graphic Designer and Artist with a knack for conceptualizing and a love of typography, currently based in Boulder, Colorado. 

I love to write and think and do things with those thinkings. My practice has always been influenced by the fascination I have between the world and oneself, paired with the seen and unseen notion of tactility. I look forward to what can come of this if things are shaped just a little differently, and with a little more intent.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring the conceptual nature of a given subject, where ideas are free of form until they unfold, and am most excited about the opportunity to communicate ideas that can inspire others to think—and if lucky enough—do.




Currently open to freelance and/or long-term contracts   

“Imagine trying to curate your life.”—a thought I jotted down in September of 2022. The thought stemmed mainly from the assumption that it must be so exhausting trying to play a part—be a facade—exist for aesthetics—etc. 

In person or online, I came to realize that whether we realize it or not, we’re all curated in some way, by something, by someone—for everyone. 

From here, I thought about ten things that’ve curated my sense of self over the last few years of my life, and reflected on their varying importance in my existence.

8.5” x 11” mixed media.