White Noise

Objective: To explore the idea of white noise 

Form: Short Film | *headphones & fullscreen please, warning: sudden flashes*
White noise is the blur between the things we hear, the things we choose not to hear and the things that exist. In regards to this idea of white noise, I started to document around my home during the last few weeks of extreme sudden societal upheaval (May 2020-present).

Despite this quite literal visual approach, I found the feeling my video evoked was one of eerie personal and societal frustration, than of the seemingly peaceful yet mundane ‘white noise of life’ one may turn to for a sleeping aid.

White noise is essentially a consistent repetition of things we are able to “tune out,” that we know are there whether explicitly stated or not. This notion is parallel to many aspects of our growingly numb yet selectively “tuned-in” society.

© 2020 Emily P. Kelly