The Berlin Trilogy, 2020 Reissue

Objective: To communicate the essence of The Berlin Trilogy in a cohesive and forward thinking fashion, while still evoking origins of its past

Form: Vinyl Packaging & Photography | 2 front/back outer sleeve containers with individual covers for each of the 3 respective albums inside

The Berlin Trilogy consists of 3 consecutively released studio albums recorded after the late David Bowie took up residence in West Berlin during the year of 1976. 

Low (1976-77), “Heroes” (1977-78) and Lodger (1979), serve as a culmination of Bowie’s time before and after West Berlin; and captures just a bit of Bowie’s process of deconstruction/reconstruction of who he was, who he wasn’t, and who he was becoming during this time.

Like the ABCs, human beings have set and constructed roles in society. But as individuals, we have the opportunity to reshape, misplace and erase what this structure is to us, and where we fit in/out of it.

© 2020 Emily P. Kelly