Objective: To explore Instagram w/o instantly graming

Form: Artist Book Design & a bit of a toy :P

Tangigram is a spin on the social media platform, Instagram. As someone who loves to share, but is also a bit of a sporadic user, I found myself wondering what it would be like to delete the app for a month’s time to see what I could come up with. With no particular focus other than this starting point, I kept a folder with images I would've shared as a post/story + any thoughts I had in regards to what I was doing.

While away, I thought a lot more about what and why I wanted to share, and ones relationship with the platform as a whole.

So, what if we treated the content we shared online in a tangible fashion? Is it uncomfortable? Nostalgic? Odd? Satisfying? Or ya know, just paper... you decide!

© 2020 Emily P. Kelly