Objective: To communicate the importance of understanding that everything we do and say leaves an imprint in some way. This started within the world of design and unfolded with the evolving nature of time

Form: Sculpture, Photography, Writing & Film
I think and write... a lot.

Coming from a background of no previous design experience (or even the awareness that design was a thing), I've always been very open to the ups & downs of the design process, and the authorship + inherent ownership one’s practice has on a final product.

I believe it’s not always a matter of obtaining a title, such as Design Author, to evoke change, but merely a matter of taking action for that change. Who you are and what you do matters more than claiming a title recognized by few.

Implications bears the abstract idea of ownership upon its viewers, and prompts one to reflect on their imprint in this world, and the world’s imprint on oneself. It is not what we choose and why we choose it, but what we do and how we do it. By presenting a few objects I’ve claimed ownership to in some way, I urge one to think about what is left to say when all is stripped away.

© 2020 Emily P. Kelly