Website design direction and development with a beloved past professor of mine and friend, Stravinski Pierre. 

Xbox Backlog Confessions

Title card, gameplay call-outs, lower thirds, backlog list design and animation/creative direction for Xbox’s first series dip into lifestyle content—Backlog Confessions. Backlog Confessions is a video series discussing and exposing current gamer’s backlog’s. Collaborators from Superdigital include Art Director, Spencer Kupish and Associate Designer, Riley Lane. Watch here ︎

Custom website design and development with Jenna Solomon for our fabulous friend and nyc based photographer, Mauricio Zelaya

Catbird NYC
2022 - Now

I currently work with the in-house Catbird NYC design and marketing teams to ideate, design, and copywrite for email and social content. Outside of the few featured above, each month I create a handful of emails that involve curating products with styled images, designing for specific marketing efforts, and generating an overall flow for each email theme. See more mailers here ︎

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