Emily Kelly is a graphic designer/artist type working and learning in Boulder, CO 🧻️🌀️📎️

I like to write and think and do things with those thinkings—and enjoy partnering with brands and creatives who are looking to push the envelope a lil bit (or a lot a bit).

Commissions, inquiries, hello’s:

Art Direction
Content Creation
Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
Video/Moving Image
Web Design/Dev.

It’s Wack Out There, Apparel
Design, Photography, Writing

Aer Intimates, Branding
Art Direction, Design, Packaging

Fluid Nonsense, Book
Design, Writing, Photography

letfliesfly.com, Website
Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Design, Development

iPhone Notes, Apparel
Creative Direction, Design, Writing


Gallery 33, Microsite
Branding, Design, Photography

Blush Magazine
Art Direction, Creative Direction

Lyric Sheets
Design, Typography

stravinskipierre.com, Website
Design Direction, Development

Design, Photography

D517 Issue, Zine
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Writing